Ajayeb Dubai by Lattafa, EDP


Ajayeb Dubai by Lattafa is a delightful gourmand fragrance that takes you on a sweet-scented journey. It begins with a burst of sweet, fruity notes that gradually transition into a rich coffee aroma, accompanied by hints of creamy butterscotch. What sets this fragrance apart is the enchanting interplay between the coffee and the sugarcane notes. While caramel weaves its way through the fragrance, it gracefully shares the stage with the true star – the sugarcane, both in its fresh, plant-like form and a subtle alcoholic nuance. Ajayeb Dubai is a heavenly and delicious scent that promises a unique olfactory experience.

Ajayeb Dubai by Lattafa is an impression of Black Phantom By Kilian.

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Type: EDP

Size: 100ml

Category: Unisex

Release Year: 2023

Top: Chocolate, Vanilla, Saffron, Pineapple
Middle: Coffee, Rum and Caramel
Base: Sandalwood, Butterscotch, Almond

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