Vintage Radio by Lattafa Pride, EDP

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Vintage Radio by Lattafa Pride, where the symphony begins with the succulent notes of Juicy Plum and a hint of black pepper, adding a subtle spiciness to the fragrance. Delve deeper, and the essence of lavender and black pepper reveals itself, creating a luscious and soft aromatic embrace, especially noticeable with a profound sniff at the atomizer. At the heart of this composition lies Palo Santo, a captivating note that serves as the soul of the fragrance, beckoning you to return for another enticing whiff. As time unfolds, Vintage Radio evolves into a beautiful and addictive aroma, a testament to its perfectly unisex allure.

Availability: In stock

Type: EDP

Size: 100ml

Category: Unisex

Year Released: 2023-2024

Top: Lavender, Sage and Bergamot
Middle: Palo Santo, Plum and Black Pepper
Base: Sandalwood and Amberwood

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1 review for Vintage Radio by Lattafa Pride, EDP

  1. Sarah Blades (verified owner)

    A successful blind buy of a new release from Lattafa. I absolutely love it, even without any maceration(female in 50’s.) Peppery and plummy for the opening, then the pepper fades leaving leaving a plum, sandalwood comforting base that lasted for 12 plus hours. The bottle design is a bit cheesy but quality and packaging and presentation is quality.

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