TOBACCO TOUCH By Maison Alhambra, EDP


Tobacco Touch by Maison Alhambra is a fragrance that offers a delightful and refined interpretation of a tobacco cologne. Prepare to be enveloped in its smooth and pleasant aroma, where sweet tobacco and vanilla take center stage, creating a harmonious and inviting composition.

At the heart of this fragrance, sweet tobacco exudes its distinctive allure, captivating the senses with its warm and comforting presence. The rich and intoxicating notes of tobacco intertwine with the creamy sweetness of vanilla, creating a delectable combination that is both indulgent and inviting.

Tobacco Touch by Maison Alhambra offers a sweeter and smoother alternative to traditional tobacco colognes, setting it apart with its refined and well-balanced character. It closely resembles the original fragrance it pays homage to, showcasing the artistry of Maison Alhambra in creating an authentic experience.

TOBACCO TOUCH By Maison Alhambra is an impression of Tom Fords Tobacco Vanille

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Type: EDP

Size: 80ml

Top Notes: Tobacco
Middle: Tobacco, Vanilla, Cacao and Tonka Bean
Base: Dried Fruits and Woody Notes

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