Science of Pheromones?

First we need to understand what are pheromones and how are they created. Pheromone is a excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. They actually act like hormones outside the body of some individuals and impact the behavior of the receiving individuals. Science says that animals are full with pheromones, so if animal rubs against your hand, its covering you with potent pheromones found on its face. Honestly speaking pheromones don’t have any smell so it is really hard to study about them. but they are often transported in bodily excretions that do. Sweat, tears, urine these are all swimming with pheromones, but our natural negative reaction to these odors makes it difficult to say exactly what creates a positive reaction in some cases. <p>Many popular fragrance products, including scents from Creed, Gucci and Channel have been formulated with additives rich in animal pheromones (ambergris, musk etc…). They are the part of animal products which are around 0.1% of a perfume. Scientists say that while these compounds may elicit a positive or pleasant response, this should not be confused with a pheromone response. More likely, it▒s simply that ambergris and musk smell pleasant to us that attracts us to those fragrances. These ingredients are generally produced synthetically today (it’s cheaper that way).</p>