My perfume addiction

Anything that gives you that feeling of pleasure then after obtaining you feel low and keep coming for more is considered an addiction. A habit can be the same but you don t go back for more right away you stretch it a bit. Dependency is something you can t live without by just the thought of it not being a part of u anxiety and panic major depression starts even crying and at sometimes death.

A desire is just something you want that present time and then move on. A fantasy is something you’ve been wanting for a while just to live the experience. An experience is a lived moment that thought you something considered valuable for future moments. A moment is a lived situation in the present that leaves memories. All are human emotions that produce stimuli all are normal just some can cause more damage than others all can and should be lived but with maturity and control, always control balance and knowledge and you can taste everything except death. Sometimes, not by our choice, some even get to taste death also some swallow it and those we never know what they experienced, but I m sure it is t too bad, they never tend to return.