How to choose a perfume?

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First rule, do your shopping for a scent in the morning, since your sense of smell is fresh and has not yet been challenged by a wide range of odors. Of course do not wear a perfume when shopping for one. Shop with a friend or better still with your spouse, since after all even if you need to choose a scent that you like, it matters also that you please the person you love.

What you need to know?

Before beginning your search, prepare adequately. Ask yourself a few key questions. When will I be wearing this perfume: every day, in the evening, at the office, on weekends or when working out? What types of perfume do I prefer? What are the perfumes that I have already worn? Why do I want to change now?

Where to start?

If you have no idea as to which perfume you want, or if you are shopping for your first perfume, determine which scent category turns you on. First smell a fragrance from a variety of categories: For Her: Floral, Oriental, Cyprus or Hesperides. For Him: Wooded, Hesperides, Aromatic or Oriental.Once a scent category is chosen, you can let yourself be guided within this offer and discover the variety of perfumes that suit you best. Notice that each scent category presents sub-categories, leading to a truly vast selection of fragrances.

How to know?

To make an enlightened choice, it is recommended to not sample more than three perfumes on your skin at a time (apply a scent on each wrist and a third in the elbow fold). If you are at a loss to choose with so many scents to consider, breathe in the odor of coffee beans, or smell a piece of clothing to neutralize the scent. You are torn between two scents? Then purchase both to start your perfume wardrobe.