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150 years old perfume

150 year old scent discovered on a ship wreck – Mary Celestia

Mary Celestia – 150 year old scent discovered on a ship wreck (and remade!)

A team of divers and archaeologists discovered a 19th-century fragrance in a shipwreck off the coast of Bermuda, and the scent has now been painstakingly researched and reconstructed for you to smell for yourself…

Bermuda is perhaps most associated with the infamous ‘Bermuda Triangle’ – an area in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a surprising number of ships and aircraft have gone missing (often said to be under mysterious circumstances) over the years. In fact, Bermuda has over 300 known shipwrecks lying dormant on the sea bed, and in one of them – The Mary Celestia – whose hull was spotted by Philippe Max Rouja, the island’s custodian of historic wrecks, following a huge storm in 2011

In the news story, Atlas Obscura reported that ‘After a week of examining the wreck, a team of divers and archaeologists found a number of artifacts, including shoes, wine, and two small bottles of perfume. The items were packed together, leading the team to think they may have been gifts. Save for some mineral deposits that had formed on them, the bottles appeared to be intact. One still contained a small air bubble inside, which otherwise would have been forced out by seawater. Etched on the glass were the names “Piesse and Lubin London.”

In 1857, Piesse (who was a perfumer and chemist) published a popular olfactory guide called The Art of Perfumery and the Methods of Obtaining the Odours of Plants. This guide went on to shape the history of perfumery, and if you’ve ever referred to perfumes having ‘notes’ or being ‘composed’, it’s Piesse’s ‘Gamut of Odors’ you have to thank – a comparative scale of different aromas based on a musical scale.

But what, you may wonder, did this perfume sunk for so many years smell like?

‘After carefully scraping the mineral deposits off the bottles and opening them,’ Atlas Obscura reports, Ramsay-Brackstone and fellow perfumer Jean Claude Delville from Drom, took a tentative sniff…

‘One bottle gave of a whiff of a rotten smell. Unfortunately, some seawater had seeped in and spoiled the fragrance. But the other specimen survived intact after 150 years underwater. According to the duo, it smelled of orange, bergamot, and grapefruit with a faint aroma of flowers and sandalwood. There were also some musky “animal notes,” such as civet or ambergris…’

Using gas chromatography (a process similar to unravelling DNA, where fragrant ingredients are captured and their chemical structure analysed to show the exact mixture) didn’t reveal all – Delville admits that after some detective work to discover what ingredients Piesse used in his fragrances, they also had to rely on ‘…my nose to do the reconstitution.’


Science of Pheromones?

First we need to understand what are pheromones and how are they created. Pheromone is a excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. They actually act like hormones outside the body of some individuals and impact the behavior of the receiving individuals. Science says that animals are full with pheromones, so if animal rubs against your hand, its covering you with potent pheromones found on its face. Honestly speaking pheromones don’t have any smell so it is really hard to study about them. but they are often transported in bodily excretions that do. Sweat, tears, urine these are all swimming with pheromones, but our natural negative reaction to these odors makes it difficult to say exactly what creates a positive reaction in some cases. <p>Many popular fragrance products, including scents from Creed, Gucci and Channel have been formulated with additives rich in animal pheromones (ambergris, musk etc…). They are the part of animal products which are around 0.1% of a perfume. Scientists say that while these compounds may elicit a positive or pleasant response, this should not be confused with a pheromone response. More likely, it▒s simply that ambergris and musk smell pleasant to us that attracts us to those fragrances. These ingredients are generally produced synthetically today (it’s cheaper that way).</p>

A male can wear a female cologne???

We use perfume for our own satisfaction but in reality people around you are the ones who enjoy the smell of it. You always choose what you like to smell so its totally up-to you. Top notes re the first impression. so actually if you like the smell you will just wear it without thinking if people around you will like or not. This also means you make the standard. This also answers your question that you are a male but can you wear women cologne?

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How to choose a perfume?

First rule, do your shopping for a scent in the morning, since your sense of smell is fresh and has not yet been challenged by a wide range of odors. Of course do not wear a perfume when shopping for one. Shop with a friend or better still with your spouse, since after all even if you need to choose a scent that you like, it matters also that you please the person you love.

What you need to know?

Before beginning your search, prepare adequately. Ask yourself a few key questions. When will I be wearing this perfume: every day, in the evening, at the office, on weekends or when working out? What types of perfume do I prefer? What are the perfumes that I have already worn? Why do I want to change now?

Where to start?

If you have no idea as to which perfume you want, or if you are shopping for your first perfume, determine which scent category turns you on. First smell a fragrance from a variety of categories: For Her: Floral, Oriental, Cyprus or Hesperides. For Him: Wooded, Hesperides, Aromatic or Oriental.Once a scent category is chosen, you can let yourself be guided within this offer and discover the variety of perfumes that suit you best. Notice that each scent category presents sub-categories, leading to a truly vast selection of fragrances.

How to know?

To make an enlightened choice, it is recommended to not sample more than three perfumes on your skin at a time (apply a scent on each wrist and a third in the elbow fold). If you are at a loss to choose with so many scents to consider, breathe in the odor of coffee beans, or smell a piece of clothing to neutralize the scent. You are torn between two scents? Then purchase both to start your perfume wardrobe.

My perfume addiction

Anything that gives you that feeling of pleasure then after obtaining you feel low and keep coming for more is considered an addiction. A habit can be the same but you don t go back for more right away you stretch it a bit. Dependency is something you can t live without by just the thought of it not being a part of u anxiety and panic major depression starts even crying and at sometimes death.

A desire is just something you want that present time and then move on. A fantasy is something you’ve been wanting for a while just to live the experience. An experience is a lived moment that thought you something considered valuable for future moments. A moment is a lived situation in the present that leaves memories. All are human emotions that produce stimuli all are normal just some can cause more damage than others all can and should be lived but with maturity and control, always control balance and knowledge and you can taste everything except death. Sometimes, not by our choice, some even get to taste death also some swallow it and those we never know what they experienced, but I m sure it is t too bad, they never tend to return.